Black Mirror Now

I don't like Black Mirror that much, I think it has a very flat character treatment and I'm most of the time amazed why this show is so popular. It caters very pop and simplistic messages, it's not original as well and it puts some pretty dark modern stereotypes through a very flat characters. So I was wondering what was exactly wrong with this show, because it has most of the time good music, good cinematography and it seems to be well produced - but with this episode Bryce just very indicatively showed what this show lacks. Because it conveys most of the time simple flat messages, the characters played who are underdeveloped in the script usually are not attractive and does not give any depth to the episode - well Bryce did the job perfectly, I will not say Joe Wright is a genius at all, he was just good at knowing how to make a good actress feel comfortable so he took most out of her to the screen.

And I won't take an argument that characters are flat on purpose because these series are about soulless future tech world, spare me that BS (and your 1 point ratings - pun intended), if you watch a series and if you're ambitious about the project at least max out actors performance of your characters. There are just ton of things that actors can bring to this show to make it even more impactful, because messages being simple are needed cause world is becoming more and more bleak itself.

These 7 stars are Bryce stars, I'd give zilch to this show.

A little more dive in - I wanted to review the episode that I found the best from the show from my point of view, other fan favorites such as San Junipero, Hang the DJ, National Anthem all are kind of a secret to me. I think that having a good actor conveying a message, pain, inert submission to technology can be of a better usage and frankly you just need a better writing for the character development and a little bit more room to develop character on screen. If the detachment from entourage is envisioned, I still think this is applicable to the stated desire and will reap better results. Messages are simple and connection can be much more deep with viewer in this way. Utilize your actors, drop the landscape drama and production because if actor is not à l'aise this decorations and music and beautiful shots serve to nothing. I don't think some establishing shots are so important, some are utter nonsense. So my overall critic is not directed towards the simplicity of messages, or bad taste - it is about how you can leverage actors for the best of the story. If you center writing around it, I think the show will become iconic. Look you don't need to convey much about environment through technicalities of the dystopian future, just watch first Blade Runner, voice overs ruin the general atmosphere, while leaving characters wonder on their own leaves more room to us, it clicks with darkness, or disbelief (depends on how you direct actors), treat all the production in Black Mirror as that "voice-over" and don't spoil ideas.

RandomGiorgi Gurgenidze